Clients, Collaborators and Organizations Comments

Great work

Andy C. Antoine, Fondation Logis Rose-Virginie


Thanks for the photos the team is thrilled

Amelie Bourque Gagnon, Director of Productions


Appreciate the professional photos for my portfolio

Massiel Matgil, Havana, Cuba


Photos are really nice thanks

Marie-Claude Vallières, Maison Ogilvy, Montreal, Canada


Thanks for the fast turnaround and great results

Heather H - Model, Toronto, Canada


Thanks for the beautiful photos and will see you again next year

Aga Khan Foundation, International


The pics are great!

Mark J - Founder Kovalum, Toronto, Canada


Appreciate the hard work designing and running campaigns for my website.

Darrell M - Owner, Fairmont Bungalows, Canada


Love the pics, i am using them for my online web store and blog.

Liana B, Webmaster, Bucharest, Romania


Thanks for helping me with my portfolio, i really love the photos you took, and best of all it was a lot of fun.

Emma L - Model, Toronto, Canada


It doesnt get any better than that, we will include them in our publication.

Chip R, Govt of Ontario, Fish and Wildlife


The photos are awesome, cant' wait till your back in Europe

Crina P - Model, Berlin, Germany


Love your photography

Joy C - Founder Couture Fashion, Toronto, Canada


Thanks for your professionalism and patience during a difficult shoot

Jessica S, Model & Actor, Toronto, Canada


I purchased your print "Chest and Hand" from Fine Art America, the photo looks incredible on my wall.

Private Purchaser - Prince George, Canada


Thanks for the the headshots for my portfolio

Jessica S, Model & Actor, Toronto, Canada


Thanks for the quick turnaround on the adwords campaign and landing page, very effective.

Angela C - PCI, Campbell, California USA


The pics are great!

Mark J - Founder Kovalum, Toronto, Canada


Your pics have got me lots of different gigs, apprectiate your guidance and professionalism

Kinga K - Promotional Model, Toronto, Canada


Great works thanks for the photos

Ana M Organizer/Hostess - TIFF Golden Glam Party


Love the pics, will use for headshot.

Sitara Hewitt - Actress


Please contact me to get started today!

This is a list of clients where my photos have been published, or sold, and companies where i have designed websites or managed media and marketing campaigns.