11 Days in Cuba

These are photos from my recent trip to Cuba in May 2018, the focus of the photos is on the people, and inspiration for my digital art.


The first few images in the gallery are digital art of photos that I took. They will be available for purchase in my web store at Fine Art America soon!


These are photos of real everyday people and street scenes that i took each day during my visit to Cuba. The photo sequence from top to bottom is in the same sequence I shot them. The model is Massiel Matgil, a Cuban journalist for the government and fashion and editorial model. I spent 2 hours walking with her trying to photograph as many backgrounds as possible.


Unfortunately, on May 18th, 2018 Cubana crashed about 3 km from where i was. I didn't know what the flames and thick smoke were, I assumed it was an accident on the highway. It was a Boeing 737-200 which used to be in our fleet at Royal Airlines for 6 years (C-FRYH). I never flew that particular airplane, becuase i was flying the Boeing 757-200 at that time. I was only delayed an extra two days after Cubana shutdown, and ended up coming back on an old Russian Ilyusin 96 to Toronto.


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